Finds your Google Sheets. This is a very thin wrapper around googledrive::drive_find(), that specifies you want to list Drive files where type = "spreadsheet". Therefore, note that this will require auth for googledrive! See the article Using googlesheets4 with googledrive if you want to coordinate auth between googlesheets4 and googledrive. This function will emit an informational message if you are currently logged in with both googlesheets4 and googledrive, but as different users.




Arguments (other than type, which is hard-wired as type = "spreadsheet") that are passed along to googledrive::drive_find().


An object of class dribble, a tibble with one row per item.


if (gs4_has_token()) { # see all your Sheets gs4_find() # see 5 Sheets, prioritized by creation time x <- gs4_find(order_by = "createdTime desc", n_max = 5) x # hoist the creation date, using other packages in the tidyverse # x %>% # tidyr::hoist(drive_resource, created_on = "createdTime") %>% # dplyr::mutate(created_on = as.Date(created_on)) }
#> # A tibble: 1 x 3 #> name id drive_resource #> * <chr> <chr> <list> #> 1 gapminder 1ksUQqF_K5yKbJr_uWVnFVZhVuxwMyZCvK6MZOEb7Kew <named list [33]>