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sheets_id is an S3 class that marks a string as a Google Sheet's id, which the Sheets API docs refer to as spreadsheetId.

Any object of class sheets_id also has the drive_id class, which is used by googledrive for the same purpose. This means you can provide a sheets_id to googledrive functions, in order to do anything with your Sheet that has nothing to do with it being a spreadsheet. Examples: change the Sheet's name, parent folder, or permissions. Read more about using googlesheets4 and googledrive together in vignette("drive-and-sheets"). Note that a sheets_id object is intended to hold just one id, while the parent class drive_id can be used for multiple ids.

as_sheets_id() is a generic function that converts various inputs into an instance of sheets_id. See more below.

When you print a sheets_id, we attempt to reveal the Sheet's current metadata, via gs4_get(). This can fail for a variety of reasons (e.g. if you're offline), but the input sheets_id is always revealed and returned, invisibly.


as_sheets_id(x, ...)



Something that contains a Google Sheet id: an id string, a drive_id, a URL, a one-row dribble, or a googlesheets4_spreadsheet.


Other arguments passed down to methods. (Not used.)


These inputs can be converted to a sheets_id:

  • Spreadsheet id, "a string containing letters, numbers, and some special characters", typically 44 characters long, in our experience. Example: 1qpyC0XzvTcKT6EISywvqESX3A0MwQoFDE8p-Bll4hps.

  • A URL, from which we can excavate a spreadsheet or file id. Example: "".

  • A one-row dribble, a "Drive tibble" used by the googledrive package. In general, a dribble can represent several files, one row per file. Since googlesheets4 is not vectorized over spreadsheets, we are only prepared to accept a one-row dribble.

  • Spreadsheet meta data, as returned by, e.g., gs4_get(). Literally, this is an object of class googlesheets4_spreadsheet.


mini_gap_id <- gs4_example("mini-gap")
#> [1] "sheets_id"  "drive_id"   "vctrs_vctr" "character" 
#> ── <googlesheets4_spreadsheet> ───────────────────────────────────────────
#> Spreadsheet name: mini-gap                                    
#>               ID: 1k94ZVVl6sdj0AXfK9MQOuQ4rOhd1PULqpAu2_kr9MAU
#>           Locale: en_US                                       
#>        Time zone: America/Los_Angeles                         
#>      # of sheets: 5                                           
#> ── <sheets> ──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────
#> (Sheet name): (Nominal extent in rows x columns)
#>       Africa: 6 x 6
#>     Americas: 6 x 6
#>         Asia: 6 x 6
#>       Europe: 6 x 6
#>      Oceania: 6 x 6

#> ── <googlesheets4_spreadsheet> ───────────────────────────────────────────
#> Spreadsheet name: "<unknown>"
#>               ID: abc        
#>           Locale: <unknown>  
#>        Time zone: <unknown>  
#>      # of sheets: <unknown>  
#> Unable to get metadata for this Sheet. Error details:
#> Client error: (404) NOT_FOUND
#>  A specified resource is not found, or the request is rejected by
#>   undisclosed reasons, such as whitelisting.
#>  Requested entity was not found.