For internal use or for those programming around the Sheets API. Returns a token pre-processed with httr::config(). Most users do not need to handle tokens "by hand" or, even if they need some control, gs4_auth() is what they need. If there is no current token, gs4_auth() is called to either load from cache or initiate OAuth2.0 flow. If auth has been deactivated via gs4_deauth(), gs4_token() returns NULL.



A request object (an S3 class provided by httr).

See also

Other low-level API functions: gs4_has_token(), request_generate(), request_make()


if (gs4_has_token()) { req <- request_generate( "sheets.spreadsheets.get", list(spreadsheetId = "abc"), token = gs4_token() ) req }
#> $method #> [1] "GET" #> #> $url #> [1] "" #> #> $body #> named list() #> #> $token #> <request> #> Auth token: TokenServiceAccount #>