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Copies a (work)sheet, within its current (spread)Sheet or to another Sheet.


  from_sheet = NULL,
  to_ss = from_ss,
  to_sheet = NULL,
  .before = NULL,
  .after = NULL



Something that identifies a Google Sheet:

  • its file id as a string or drive_id

  • a URL from which we can recover the id

  • a one-row dribble, which is how googledrive represents Drive files

  • an instance of googlesheets4_spreadsheet, which is what gs4_get() returns

Processed through as_sheets_id().


Sheet to copy, in the sense of "worksheet" or "tab". You can identify a sheet by name, with a string, or by position, with a number. Defaults to the first visible sheet.


The Sheet to copy to. Accepts all the same types of input as from_ss, which is also what this defaults to, if unspecified.


Optional. Name of the new sheet, as a string. If you don't specify this, Google generates a name, along the lines of "Copy of blah". Note that sheet names must be unique within a Sheet, so if the automatic name would violate this, Google also de-duplicates it for you, meaning you could conceivably end up with "Copy of blah 2". If you have better ideas about sheet names, specify to_sheet.

.before, .after

Optional specification of where to put the new sheet. Specify, at most, one of .before and .after. Refer to an existing sheet by name (via a string) or by position (via a number). If unspecified, Sheets puts the new sheet at the end.


The receiving Sheet, to_ ss, as an instance of sheets_id.

See also

If the copy happens within one Sheet, makes a DuplicateSheetRequest:

If the copy is from one Sheet to another, wraps the spreadsheets.sheets/copyTo endpoint:

and possibly makes a subsequent UpdateSheetPropertiesRequest:

Other worksheet functions: sheet_add(), sheet_append(), sheet_delete(), sheet_properties(), sheet_relocate(), sheet_rename(), sheet_resize(), sheet_write()


ss_aaa <- gs4_create(
  sheets = list(mtcars = head(mtcars), chickwts = head(chickwts))
#>  Creating new Sheet: sheet-copy-demo-aaa.

# copy 'mtcars' sheet within existing Sheet, accept autogenerated name
ss_aaa %>%
#>  Duplicating sheet mtcars in sheet-copy-demo-aaa.
#>  Copied as Copy of mtcars.

# copy 'mtcars' sheet within existing Sheet
# specify new sheet's name and location
ss_aaa %>%
  sheet_copy(to_sheet = "mtcars-the-sequel", .after = 1)
#>  Duplicating sheet Copy of mtcars in sheet-copy-demo-aaa.
#>  Copied as mtcars-the-sequel.

# make a second Sheet
ss_bbb <- gs4_create("sheet-copy-demo-bbb")
#>  Creating new Sheet: sheet-copy-demo-bbb.

# copy 'chickwts' sheet from first Sheet to second
# accept auto-generated name and default location
ss_aaa %>%
  sheet_copy("chickwts", to_ss = ss_bbb)
#>  Copying sheet chickwts from sheet-copy-demo-aaa to sheet-copy-demo-bbb.
#>  Copied as Copy of chickwts.

# copy 'chickwts' sheet from first Sheet to second,
# WITH a specific name and into a specific location
ss_aaa %>%
    to_ss = ss_bbb, to_sheet = "chicks-two", .before = 1
#>  Copying sheet chickwts from sheet-copy-demo-aaa to sheet-copy-demo-bbb.
#>  Copied as chicks-two.

# clean up
gs4_find("sheet-copy-demo") %>%
#> Files trashed:
#>  sheet-copy-demo-bbb <id: 1fqP9LI_GqP2moE0wvn6Nq7hFc5SvcWf2kN2lmMmbV7k>
#>  sheet-copy-demo-aaa <id: 19K3P5BHZ2p9xyiTh1shXyAtAQYT2hbOLJMRnYJZ42_g>