Move (work)sheets around within a (spread)Sheet. The outcome is most predictable for these common and simple use cases:

  • Reorder and move one or more sheets to the front.

  • Move a single sheet to a specific (but arbitrary) location.

  • Move multiple sheets to the back with .after = 100 (.after can be any number greater than or equal to the number of sheets).

If your relocation task is more complicated and you are puzzled by the result, break it into a sequence of simpler calls to sheet_relocate().

sheet_relocate(ss, sheet, .before = if (is.null(.after)) 1, .after = NULL)



Something that identifies a Google Sheet: its file ID, a URL from which we can recover the ID, an instance of googlesheets4_spreadsheet (returned by gs4_get()), or a dribble, which is how googledrive represents Drive files. Processed through as_sheets_id().


Sheet to relocate, in the sense of "worksheet" or "tab". You can identify a sheet by name, with a string, or by position, with a number. You can pass a vector to move multiple sheets at once or even a list, if you need to mix names and positions.

.before, .after

Specification of where to locate the sheets(s) identified by sheet. Exactly one of .before and .after must be specified. Refer to an existing sheet by name (via a string) or by position (via a number).


The input ss, as an instance of sheets_id

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if (gs4_has_token()) { sheet_names <- c("alfa", "bravo", "charlie", "delta", "echo", "foxtrot") ss <- gs4_create("sheet-relocate-demo", sheets = sheet_names) sheet_names(ss) # move one sheet, forwards then backwards ss %>% sheet_relocate("echo", .before = "bravo") %>% sheet_names() ss %>% sheet_relocate("echo", .after = "delta") %>% sheet_names() # reorder and move multiple sheets to the front ss %>% sheet_relocate(list("foxtrot", 4)) %>% sheet_names() # put the sheets back in the original order ss %>% sheet_relocate(sheet_names) %>% sheet_names() # reorder and move multiple sheets to the back ss %>% sheet_relocate(c("bravo", "alfa", "echo"), .after = 10) %>% sheet_names() # clean up gs4_find("sheet-relocate-demo") %>% googledrive::drive_trash() }
#> Creating new Sheet: "sheet-relocate-demo"
#> Relocating sheets in "sheet-relocate-demo"
#> Relocating sheets in "sheet-relocate-demo"
#> Relocating sheets in "sheet-relocate-demo"
#> Relocating sheets in "sheet-relocate-demo"
#> Relocating sheets in "sheet-relocate-demo"
#> Files trashed: #> * sheet-relocate-demo: 1nkZL6SNVbetQ9qKxhYPbHAMdyiVUZXrg7yVvNM00AMg